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Hermetic Law

  • Hermetic Law

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  • 1. Principle of Spirit

    The Consciousness determines the BEING. Thoughts are creativeand changing powers; they are the means of CREATION. The IMAGINATIONcreates in Visualization. The intensity of the inner wishing andlonging is an important factor of CREATION.
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  • 2. The Principle of Cause and Effect = KARMA

    'Equal creates equal'. Action = Reaction.
    The cause can be onmany different planes. Everything happens in accordance to the LAW.Each MAN is CREATOR, carrier and surmounter of his fate.

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  • 3. The Principle of Correspondence or Analogy

    As above - so below, as below - so above. As within -so without, as without - so within. As in great - so in small, as insmall, so in great.
    For everthing there is in this world, there exists an analogy on every plane of BEING.

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  • 4. The Principle of Resonance or Attraction

    Like attracts like and will be enforced by like. Unlike repels each other.
    Your personal behaviour determines your personal conditions and the total conditions of your life.

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  • 5. The Principle of Harmony and Balance

    Harmony is the flow of life. Everything strives for harmony, forbalance. The stronger determines the weaker and makes it equal toitself.
    Life is harmonious togetherness, the GIVING and TAKING ofelements and powers being active in CREATION. By grasping and holdingon we create a blockage which in turn is leading to sickness and deathas a result of ERROR: LIFE supports only what furthers LIFE, andanything causing a blockage weakens and must go, because it is ahindrance to LIFE itself. LIFE is mutual balance or compensation,eternal movement. Different effects are finding to a balance, so thatas soon as possible harmony is restored. Life is continuous GIVING andTAKING. The universe lives by dynamic balance in EASINESS, HARMONY andLOVE.

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  • 6. The Principle of Rhythm or Vibration

    Everything flows in and flows out again. Everything has its tides. Everything rises and falls. Everything is vibration.
    Nothingis static - everything is moving. The even movement of the pendulum isevident in everything. The swing of the pendulum to the one side equalsthe swing of the pendulum to the other side. Rhythm equalizes.
    Overcome rigidity and live flexibility. Whatever is rigid must break apart.

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  • 7. The Principle of Duality and Sexuality

    Everything has a pair of poles. Everything has a pair of contrasting aspects. Like and unlike are the same.
    Contrasts are the same by their nature. GOD'S TRUTH IS ONE.
    Onlyin the low-vibrating worlds, like in the 3. dimension, the aspects havedifferent signs marking them as "contrasts", and thus have differentvibrational frequencies. The human brain is three-dimensionallyoriented; for that reason the ONE-NESS or SAME-NESS appears PARADOX tothe polaric mind. But each PARADOXON should be brought together - inthe middle - , only this way we can approach TRUTH. Or else our truthsare only half truths. We cannot understand TRUTH - only grasp it withthe HEART!

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