Third Eye Chakra -: )

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Third Eye Chakra -: )

Post  Tamid on Thu Oct 02, 2008 5:31 pm

I dont know about you guys, but this third eye chakra is some kind of amazing thing.. so real and visceral.. the energy flows from wake to sleep.. it's the life force node of the divine intelligence.. it's what gives you that understanding, if you have it, or lack of understanding, if you don't.

The third eye chakra is an especially important center not just to me personally but spirituality, I've heard, in the East, whether it be Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism.. begins with the Third Eye Chakra..

This center is unique to our purpose that we have here right now of transmuting the nonsense that is afloat into an actual visceral reality.. we need wisdom, understanding, and perception beyond duality, which is only perception coming from the self itself, and not some other self which thinks its the self...

I think that we can all do well to take some time at least once a week and work on the third eye chakra, it may feel painful at first with your forehead aways in a headache but that is just the birthing pains of a tremendous new addition to your physical/etheric body vessel, or at least your awareness of that vessel, in the form of this radiant divine intelligence..

Love cyclops


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